A babysitter to pick up and keep the children busy after school

Your professional and school schedules are not compatible and you are looking for a solution so that your child can be picked up in time at school or daycare? Babysitters and nannies can do these kinds of tasks that make your life much easier!

Finding children in school is a big problem for most young parents who have a professional schedule that is not compatible with school schedules. If you are in this situation, after-school care is the most appropriate form of care for you. The babysitter will either wait for your toddlers at the end of school or pick them up at the daycare and take them home safely. In addition, the nanny or babysitter can also keep the children busy until you return: help with homework, games and entertainment, snacks and dinner, etc.

An after-school babysitter: how does it work?

In concrete terms, the babysitter in Paris will work on working days and will start at the time the children leave school or at the time you wish for the crèche or daycare. The time slot can obviously vary according to school rhythm and extracurricular activities, but the schedule must be set well in advance so that the babysitter can organize herself. Also on Wednesday afternoon, the babysitter picks up the children and provides home care until the parents return home. It is also possible, even if it is less frequent, for her to accompany the toddlers to school in the morning, especially if the parents have staggered working hours. For the rest, the general procedure for this type of home childcare remains the same as for other types of childcare.

Travelling to school

Whether on an occasional or regular basis, parents can request a babysitting service to take their children to school. The tasks of the person in charge of this guard will be to wake them up, dress them, prepare them and give them food before accompanying them to school. Parents should not forget to give the toddlers‘ class schedules to the Sitter and possibly inform the school, especially for toddlers, so that school staff will not be surprised to see a stranger arrive with the children. Parental authorization will also be required for the nanny or babysitter to go out with the children.

If parents prefer or have the opportunity to take care of the morning preparations themselves but do not know how to make the journey to school in itself, the Sitter can simply wait for the family at a meeting point and take over from the parents by taking the children to school. In this case, its mission is limited to this simple support.

At the end of school

Babysitting after school is more complex than it seems. As with the morning commute, she must guarantee the safety of the children, talk with them and make sure she is on time, but she has an additional mission here. Indeed, the babysitter or nanny must transmit to the parents all the teacher’s remarks about the lessons and concerns that occurred during the day or the observations of the daycare auxiliary.

In addition, children may not return home directly after school. Indeed, children may be enrolled in certain extracurricular activities (karate, music lessons, dance, singing…): the Sitter must therefore take them there and/or pick them up.

Finally, his job doesn’t stop on the way back, most of the time. She is often responsible for keeping the children busy until their parents return. This means being patient, competent and creative.

Once the child is home

Children tend to be very excited when they get home. Don’t panic! Don’t panic! The babysitter is a serious and professional person who will calm them down and take care of them. A great nanny will even think of cleaning up the mess your little ones have made. In addition, the babysitter organizes various fun activities with the children. In addition to keeping your children busy, these moments of play are important to strengthen the bonds between your little ones and her and allow her to gain their trust. She also does not forget to prepare their snacks and, if you asked her, their meals.

Real academic support

The ultimate is to have a babysitter or nanny who can provide your child with real academic support or push him/her to learn (an instrument, for example, or a foreign language). Indeed, supervising children while they are doing their homework is within reach of (almost) everyone, but helping and guiding them are tasks that require a lot of pedagogy, versatility… and good knowledge in the subjects concerned. And the bonus is that, when the parents come back, they no longer have to deal with this moment considered unpleasant by some children.

Until the parents arrive

While waiting for the parents, the Sitter keeps the children busy by offering them a number of indoor and outdoor activities. Indeed, children are easily bored when a person does not take care of themselves to find occupations for them. There are plenty of ideas for a babysitter who is as patient as she is creative: colouring, papier-mâché carving, hide-and-seek, etc.

In addition, depending on the parents’ return time, it is also the babysitter’s responsibility to prepare dinner and serve it to the children, but also to bathe them and help them put on their pajamas. She can then, according to your instructions, put them to bed and put them to sleep with songs or a story, or keep them busy until you get back.

You can also ask your babysitter or nanny if they are willing to take care of your pet. However, this can in no way be an obligation, since it is not the task for which it was hired, namely childcare at home.

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